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Hello Everyone!

I am such a bookworm. I love reading and can literally devour a good novel within in few days if I’m really into it. I have an ever-growing collection of books and I don’t plan on stopping buying new ones any time soon. I re-read the Harry Potter books every summer without fail and I look forward to this all year round!Recently I have fallen out of love with reading. I find it difficult to pick up a book and read for a while, there just seems to be other things that I could do (be it watching YouTube, scrolling through social media, catching up on TV shows or even sleeping). I don’t know what has made me suddenly not want to read, I love being the person that you will always find with her nose in a book.

I think this all started when I was reading the novel Us by David Nichols. It took me until the last 8 chapters to actually get into this book. I found it dull and boing to begin with but closer to the end I found myself really getting into the story. It took me 2 months to read… this is the longest it has ever taken me to read anything.

Although I don’t love reading as much as I used to, I have still purchased an immense amount of books despite this, so here are some of the books that I intend to read before the end of the year.

  • The Lord of the Rings-J.R.R Tolkien. I know these aren’t new books and they have been floating about for a loooong time but I have only recently started reading them. I’ve read The Hobbit (which is the prequel to The Lord of the Rings) and am currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring but my intention is to read the whole series as I couldn’t imagine leaving a book series half-read.
  • Girl Online: Going Solo- Zoe Sugg. I have already read both of Zoella’s pervious books, Girl Online and Girl Online: on Tour. I love Zoe’s books, she writes beautifully and has developed the storyline from the original novel without overdoing it a ‘killing’ it so I put this book on my Christmas list and am so excited to read it.
  • A Brief History of Time- Stephen Hawking. I’m a huge nerd and freaking love space and the stars and planets and basically anything that’s going on ‘up there’ and I have a strange love for Stephen Hawking. Don’t ask why, I don’t know.
  • Silence is Goldfish- Annabel Pitcher. I haven’t heard of this author before but sometimes I like to buy random books and give them a lil’ read (I hate confining myself to what everyone else is reading) so I decided to pop this into my Amazon basket and I can’t wait to read it and see what it’s all about.
  • The Lie Tree. Frances Hardinge. I didn’t actually buy this one. My brother got this from the book fair at our school for world book day and I stole it from him because he hates reading and has never finished a book in his life (apart from Biff and Chip from primary school- does anyone remember those books?).

These are just some on the books I intend to read this year. If I can, I will read more as I have loads of unread books and of course I will be reading my Harry Potter books as soon as July hits.

What books are you absolutely dying to read this year? What’s your favourite book you’ve ever read?

Until next time…


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