Days in Drumnaph

Hello Everybody!

I recently posted about how spring has finally arrived (you can see that post right >here<) but wouldn’t you know that the next morning I woke up to a layer of snow… that’s right, bloody snow. I love snow (I’m a December baby) so obviously it was lovely to see, just not in March when the daffodils are trying to bloom. However, the weather has picked up a lil’ since then so on Sunday we decided it was the perfect day for a picnic.Sunday was Mother’s Day in the UK, so I thought a small treat was in order for my Mum. After making her breakfast in bed and doing her hair and makeup (you can read my Mother’s Day post >here<) I suggested going on a picnic for lunch and having a BBQ for dinner… she loved the idea.

Just a couple of miles outside of my hometown is a breath-taking nature reserve called Drumnaph Wood. It’s a part of the Woodland Trust and is absolutely gorgeous on a sunny day. Here is where I suggested we have our picnic.

We loaded up the car with all of our supplies, got the dog and his lead and hit the road! It was only a 5 minute drive but I could feel myself getting more and more excited the closer we got to Drumnaph. There’s something about a picnic that brings out my inner child.

I’ve been to Drumnaph a fair few times, so I know it quite well. There are a few picnic tables scattered throughout it, but the best one has to be the one that sits in the middle of the bog (sounds gross, is actually lovely). There is a little wooden bridge that takes you out to the platform that the picnic table is on and you can sit and eat in the middle of the water!

Our picnic consisted of a few salad sandwiches (ham, lettuce, tomato, scallions, bread… you get the picture), a plain chicken sandwich for my bother, salad for me, tea, cupcakes, sweets, fruit and drinks. We were starving before we got to the picnic table, so this went down a real treat!

We sat and ate and talked. We enjoyed each other’s company. My Dad pointed out some frog spawn to me (I found it fascinating) and once all the food was devoured we went on a very short walk because we had to be back before the shops shut at 6pm to get supplies for our BBQ.

Once we were back into the town, Mum and I took a quick trip to the shop to buy burgers, sausages, kebabs, burger baps and drinks. Then it was just a matter of Dad tending to the BBQ and me cleaning the garden furniture that was neglected all winter. Food was ready for around 7:30pm and we all sat outside listening to the radio (can we please talk about how Ed Sheeran is dominating the charts and I couldn’t be happier about it?) and talking a load of rubbish.

I enjoy the simple things in life. It doesn’t take a lot to please me and family days like this really make me want to enjoy my youth and make every minute count. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world of social media and friends etc. that you often forget that family is forever.

How do you like to spend sunny days? Have you been on a picnic recently?

Until next time…


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