Happy Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone!

It’s Mother’s Day, the day of celebrating and appreciating your mum. Although we shouldn’t need a specific day to show our mothers how special they are, it’s nice to spoil them and spend the day letting them know that we do care.I gave my Mum her presents yesterday because my bother was panicking about killing the flowers he bought her if he had to keep them for longer than 24 hours, so we both decided to give her the gifts yesterday instead.

My Mum loooves flowers.ย She isn’t really into gardening (unlike me) but she knows loads about flowers and all the different kinds. Whereas I have to do a quick google search to find out the type of any flower that isn’t a daisy, daffodil or rose, she can identify the rarest flowers by simply looking at them.

My brother bought Mum a bunch of flowers to put in her favourite Galway Crystal vase. This vase is gorgeous and was a wedding anniversary gift for my Granny and Granda, who then passed it on to my Mum and Dad. It’s a beautiful vase empty, but it’s 100 times more elegant when you have that pop of colour from a lovely bunch of flowers. He also bought her a box of sweets to satisfy her sweet tooth.

I bought her flowers too, but I’m more of a pot kinda gal. I do love bunches of flowers but there’s something about a pot of flowers that just makes my wee heart happy. This particular pot is so vintage and cute… I couldn’t resist and she absolutely loved it! Mum has recently started to really get into getting her nails done professionally. I don’t know if it’s a mid-life crisis kinda thing, but if it makes her happy then I’m happy too. I went to Missy’s Beauty Salon (a small salon in my town) and bought her a gift card for her next gel polish. She was over the moon about this because her nails were long overdue an update (they’re currently broken and botched). I slipped the gift voucher into a lovely handmade card from the shop and wrote her a loving (yet humorous) letter. I also used my well developed art skills to draw a life-like and highly professional portrait of her and I as stick figures.ย 

This morning my brother and I got up early and made Mum and Dad (because we didn’t want him to feel left out) breakfast in bed. A simple meal of scrambled eggs on toast with a hot cuppa. Once they rubbed their eyes and finally woke up they were both very happy to be getting a feed in the comfort of their own bed. Later today we are going on a Mother’s Day picnic (there should be a post about it later in the week) as it is finally starting to feel like spring in Ireland!

How are you celebrating your Mother’s Day? Is it sunny and warm where you live?ย 

Until next time…


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