The Cutest River Island Bag

Hello Everybody!

So, as you may have seen from my last post (here), I recently took a short trip to Liverpool during my mid-term break. I absolutely loved it in Liverpool, the shops are bloody brilliant! It was better than I ever imagined it would be… and I may have got a lil’ carried away. We went into loaaads of different shops, had a lil’ look around, fell in love with sooo many different bits and bobs… and then I spent a fortune in Primark. Why did I do this? This was not a good idea. I could only bring home what I could fit in my hand luggage. Ciara, you were a very irresponsible shopper.

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything I bought and regret nothing (apart from not booking additional luggage on the plane), but because I bought so much in Primark, I couldn’t justify buying anything else, not even this adorable bag from River Island.

We obviously had to take a lil’ peek inside River Island (how could you not?) and there, sitting on its own tiny shelf, was the most beautiful bag I ever did see. I instantly fell in love with it, it was love at first sight. I could picture it in my head, going out for lunch, popping to the shop and everyone doing a double-take because of this little beauty. I pointed the bag out to my sister, still fantasising about all the different places I could show it off and she said it was beautiful, but I couldn’t buy anything else because my bag would already be hard enough to pack… my world came crashing down!

It was like someone had poured a bucket of ice down my shirt. I was devastated, because she was right. There was absolutely no way I could buy this bag, I already had to leave my other handbag in Liverpool. This was heart breaking. I desperately wanted, no, I needed this bag. But I had to be sensible, and we left River Island empty-handed.

D’you know that feeling of longing, when you want something so badly, but can’t have it? It plays on your mind for hours, not at the front so that it obstructs your thought process, but that niggling feeling is still there? That’s how I felt. I spent the rest of the whole day distracted by the fact that I couldn’t have this bag. The walk home was a quiet and sad one.

A few hours later, and I was still thinking about this bag. And that’s when it clicked! I thought to myself ‘Ciara, you’re so hung up about this bag, it’s clearly not a matter of just wanting it’ and I began to think about it even more. Isn’t that a sign? I couldn’t get this bag off my mind!! So I did what anyone in my situation would do (I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone would have done this, right?) and I ordered the bag online to be delivered to my house back in Ireland  in time for me getting home.

I couldn’t help it. I felt like there was some kind of supernatural force, something had emotionally tied me to this bag, I had to have it. And I’m so glad I ordered it! It’s tiiiiiiinnny, I mean suuuper small, but it’s perfect. It will encourage me to only carry what I absolutely need. The detailing on the bag is breath-taking, the way the red from the rose embroidery contrasts with the grey of the bag, gorgeous. And the gold metal detail pulls the whole thing together. It’s so sturdy and comes with a removable shoulder strap, in case you just wanna carry it.

This bag was £26 and you can order it here. I am so excited to show off my new best friend, my family are already sick of me banging on about how perfect it is.

Do you have a bag that you simply love to bits? Do you prefer big bags that can hold a lot, or small bags that hold your essentials?

Until next time…


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