Morphe 35W and 35N Palette Review

Hello Everybody!

Today’s post is another review and this time I will be sharing my view of the Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes. The ones I own are the 35W and 35N palettes. I was gifted both of these palettes for my 18th birthday (from my friend and sister- thanks guys) and I was absolutely over the moon when I unwrapped them! So, let’s get into the review!This is the Morphe 35W palette. There are 35 gorgeous shades in here, in neutral colours. I love the natural nudes and browns, and haven’t really had an occasion where I’ve had to use the purple shades, so I can’t comment much on those. This palette is a shimmery one, so almost every shade has a lil’ bit of glitter in it to make your eyes pop. These eyeshadows are suuper pigmented, and I find that a little bit goes a loooooong way! I particularly love using this palette when I’m going out, or going to a party because it gives a much more bold look to your makeup. There are some matte shades, like the first 2, which are perfect for highlighting your inner corner and brow bone. All in all, this palette lives up to the name and doesn’t disappoint!

Next is the 35N palette. I am aware that these are virtually the exact same palette, the main difference being that one is shimmery (35W) and one is completely matte (35N). But this is actually what I wanted. I wouldn’t necessarily wear the 35W palette during the day because I feel like it’s too bold a look, however, the 35N palette is perfect for everyday makeup, due to its matte shades and natural colours. Once again, I have never used the purples, but the pink shades give you the cutest makeup look imaginable and the burnt orange is my go-to shade for Autumn/Winter days. This is the palette I used on a daily basis (well almost, I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do, this is the palette I find myself reaching for). Anyone can rock these colours and the combinations are endless!

Altogether, I was thoroughly impressed with the Morphe eyeshadow palettes. They are raved about so much and I completely understand why! These babies do not disappoint and there is a shade for EVERY occasion!

If you’re trying to find a new palette to try out, or simply are addicted to makeup, then I would highly recommend checking out these bad boys.

Have you tried any Morphe palettes yet? What’s your favourite makeup brand?

Until next time…


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