Juggling School, Work and Blogging

Hello Everybody!

Life can be a bit of a juggling act sometimes, and it’s hard to find the balance between things you have to do, and things you want to do. I am currently in full-time education and working a part-time job and sometimes I find it hard to fully commit myself to both. Then when I started taking blogging seriously, I found that this was even more of a struggle for me. So today I’m going to share with you how I balance these aspects of my life, in the hope that you will find it helpful with your own life.School

First and foremost, I am a student. As I’ve mentioned before on my blog, I’m currently in my last year of school, studying for my A-level exams. Let me tell you something, A-levels are demanding. When I made the transition from GCSE to A-level, I thought I was finally going to get a break, what with going from studying 9 subjects to only 3. Boy, I was soooo wrong!

Although I’m doing less subjects, they are far more demanding and difficult than anything I experienced in GCSE. However, I get study periods in school and these are helpful in lightening my workload at home.

I like to prioritise my subjects, so I’ll always do Sociology in school (because I’m more focused) and I tend to leave Double Award Health and Social Care to do at home. This allows me to focus on one subject at a time and give it my undivided attention, and it means I have more free time in the evenings.


As I said, I work part-time in my local supermarket- 15hours a week. This isn’t a lot, but one of those shifts fall on a Thursday night and this means that every Thursday I have to abandon all school work and ‘me time’. Missing out on this study time could be detrimental to my academic achievement, but what I miss out on a Thursday night due to work commitments, I make up for on the following Friday at school.


I have only recently started to take my blog seriously and always try to find a spare few minutes to check my notifications or scroll through my Twitter. I upload on my blog every Wednesday at 5pm and Sunday at 11am and to ensure that I keep to this schedule I always try to have a couple of posts saved in my drafts ready to go out into the big, bad world.


I don’t have a super hectic, mega exciting, ultra fun social life, and I’m quite glad of this. It means that I have more time to spend on my studies and work on my blog. However, I am suuuper family orientated so I always try to make time for them. This can be something as simple as watching a movie, planning a day out or going out for a family meal. I finish work at 6pm on Sundays and visit my Granny at this time every Sunday because she lives alone.

Also, something as simple as FaceTiming my sister who lives in Liverpool, or having a cuppa with my Mum really does a lot to turn a shitty day into a not-so-shitty day (for lack of a better description).

My advice to anyone who is struggling to find the balance in their lives would be to plan, plan, plan! Invest in a diary and plan out your day, make lists and stay organised!

How do you incorporate blogging into your busy lives? Do you have any tips on staying on top of things?

Until next time…


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