What’s in my Bag?

Hello  Everybody!

This is my first post since announcing on my Twitter that I will now be uploading on Wednesdays and Sundays, as opposed to just Sundays. I will try to have a blog post up at 5pm on a Wednesday and continue uploading at 11am on Sundays. Today you’ll be getting an exclusive, sneak peek into the contents of my handbag (this is top secret stuff guys). I am one of those gals who loooove to have a gorgeous handbag hanging from her  shoulder and needless to say, this is an expensive lifestyle to live. I think I get my love of hangbags from my Mother, who has quite the impressive collection, if I do say so myself. She taught me that if you go into a shop and don’t see anything you need/want, you’re probably in need of a new bag (thanks, mom).

The bag I’m currently sporting is this lil’ (or rather big) one from Primark. I absolutely adore this handbag! It was actually gifted to my Mother as a Christmas present, but she isn’t really into big, boxy bags. I, on the other hand loved it, so she gave it to me. This bag is so strong and sturdy for being from Primark and I believe it will last me a loooong time! It has 3 separate compartments for all of your bits and bobs and is soo spacious!


The first open-topped compartment is where I keep all of the regular hangbaggy things. In here I have my (empty) purse from New Look that holds my cards and coupons and unfortunately…no money. I also carry this small panda coin purse that my sister got me for Christmas… how cute is that ?? That little pink thing in the corner of the image is a reusable shopping bag (saving the earth one reusable bag at a time) and of course I have my car keys… cuz how else would I get anywhere? Finally I have multiple packets of chewing gum… I’m a gum chewer… love the stuff and this is the one I prefer to munch on throughout the day. sam_0588

In the back open-topped compartment I carry things that you don’t necessarily need in a bag, but if I took any of these out I would somehow end up needing them that day… does that make sense? I like to call this the ‘Beauty Compartment’. Here I keep things like a miniature hair brush and hair bobble for those days when your weave just doesn’t wanna cooperate with you, tissues because, well, it’s winter and people are sick, a tiny Tanya Burr Cosmetics mirror that I got in her Christmas advent calendar, far too many hand products for one person (but I’m Soap and Glory obsessed so what can you expect?), a miniature Impulse body spray in Very Pink (not my fav but it’ll do) and of course the feminine products  up in the corner cuz I don’t know when I get that shit and someone else could always need one… I wanna be the sista that’s got yo’ back girl!


Finally there is a zipped compartment in the middle where I keep my highly important documents… like a 2017 planner, A6 notebook and credit union book (oh so important)! BTW can we pleaseee just talk about how cute that pen is? I has a crown it… it’s fit for royalty (which I just so happen to be).


I hope you enjoyed this lil’ peek into what I feel the need to drag around with me day in and day out. I am not one of those messy handbag people, this is literally everything that was in my bag.

What do you carry in your bag? Are you organised or do you simply throw everything in?

Until next time…


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