2016 Reflection and 2017 Goals

Happy New Year!

2016 has been one of the rockiest years of my life, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s definitely had its ups and downs. Globally, its been a hell year. Trump was elected president, we saw the deaths of so many influential stars, we saw the deaths of so many innocent lives through war and racist/homophobic attacks… its just been a shitty year for the world in general. But, that being said, there were a few bright places in 2016 in my own personal life.This year I passed my driving test and the freedom that comes with being independently able to take yourself from A to B is something I never knew I needed before. I turned 18 years old in 2016 and thus became an ‘adult’ (by this I mean I can legally buy alcohol, which is about as ‘adult’ as I get) and I grew quite close to some amazing people, whilst cutting some toxic people out of my life.

If I’m going to be honest, 2016 wasn’t an awful year for me, it was just a cruel year to the world.

I want 2017 to be even better though! I always get really excited when the end of the year creeps closer. It means I can buy my new 2017 planner and start to organise my life. Being organised is so important to me because it really clears my mind and makes me feel at peace with my life.

I have loads of plans for 2017 and would love to share them with you!

  1. I want to go on more adventures. I’m a notoriously boring person and rarely leave my house despite the fact that I have a real thirst for adventure! Since passing my driving test, I’ve barely ventured farther than 20 miles down the road to my Pets at Home, and this honestly saddens me. I’m an anxious driver and overthink every single little thing that could possibly happen in a car, so I either wait for someone else to offer to drive, or sit in the house. But in 2017 I was to stop sitting and waiting for an opportunity to appear in front of me… I have to go and make my own opportunities!
  2. I plan to exercise more and eat clean. This is slightly different from your ‘in 2017 I will go on a diet and lose weight for summer’, that’s not what this is about. My ultimate goal here isn’t to lose weight (although its an added bonus), the aim here is to become a healthier me. I barely exercise and don’t eat nearly enough fruits and veggies as I should, and this is going to have serious effects on my health in the future if I don’t do something about it now.
  3. Hit the books. No, not the novels and stories that I have absolutely no problem letting hours of my day slip away to indulge in. I’m talking about the sociology textbook and health and social care exam prep/coursework. This may paint a false picture of me as a lazy student. I’m not. I’m the best in my class and I’m always on top of my work or finished early (not to brag) but my A Level exams are looming just around the corner and before I know it, it will be August and I will have to face opening that results letter. I really want to do well and with conditional offers from my universities of choice coming in, I’ve been extremely motivated to give myself an extra kick up the backside to secure my future.
  4. Blog more. My blog is one of my favourite things in my life right now. Although I’m timid about telling people and allowing people I know a peek into this area of my life, I’m still incredibly proud of this space of the internet that I’ve created. In 2017 I want to continue with my blog and hopefully my following will increase and more people will join me on my blogging journey.
  5. Focus on me. This sounds selfish and vain, but if that’s what it means to look after yourself and treat yourself right, then selfish and vain I am. 2015/16 were challenging years for my mental health but during 2016 I began to work on myself and truly focus on loving me for me. I cut some toxic people out of my life who were bringing me down and surrounded myself with people who want to see me reach my full potential… this made an incredible difference in how I view and carry myself. I want to keep doing things for me and lead a more positive life. My mental health will never be 100% again and I’ve accepted that, but I can still work on it every day to be the best possible me.

These are some of the main things I want to focus on in 2017, there are some other little bits and pieces that I’m also going to do but these are the most important ones that I hope to achieve this year.

How was your 2016? What are your plans/goals for 2017?

Until next time…


20 thoughts on “2016 Reflection and 2017 Goals

  1. I love reading everyones blogs about goals this year. It’s helping me think about what I want to achieve too. Good luck with your studies, I miss university so much! Also I love how it is snowing on your page!


    1. Right? I’m so interested in seeing what everyone else is hoping to achieve in 2017 (maybe I’m just too nosey for my own good). Thank you so much for your lovely comment! The snow ends tomorrow, unfortunately, but it was soo nice while it lasted x

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  2. This is such an amazing post! Love your goals too, I’d have to admit mine are pretty much the same. My main goals this year are to concentrate on my last year of university and aim to think about me for once and get rid of any toxic people in my life. Selfish to say but this year I hope is about me! Once again fantastic post 🙂 x


  3. This post is so well written lovely!! You have such good resolutions and some are similar to mine…. oh how I remember reading the old health and social care textbooks!! Smash 2017 girl, you can do it ☺ xx


  4. Great goals list! I love the driving one, I only very recently drove on the motorway after having my licence for over a year and it’s been the best boost for my confidence! I wish you the best of luck with all your other goals 💖


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