Christmas Pamper Routine

Hello Everybody!

Winter is magical, crisp and relaxing, however it can also be mean, cruel and cold. Today I will be showing you my winter pamper routine to keep us all cosy during the colder months. My winter pamper routine isn’t that different than my summer/spring/autumn pamper routine but there are a few subtle differences between them.Where I live, its cold this time of year and we all know what that means- grumpiness and short tempers (well, this is what it means for those of us who are ‘crabbit colds’- guilty!). My favourite way to fix this is to take a nice, warm bath with (of course) a Lush Bath Bomb. You can read my birthday Lush haul here. Today I used the Luxury Lush Pud (I forgot to take a picture of the bath as I was too excited to get in), lit a few candles, put on some Ludovico Einaudi and dived right in. I don’t know about anyone else, but I quickly become too hot and flustered in the bath, so I like to bring a bottle of water in with me to cool off.

Once I feel thoroughly relaxed and toasty I drain the bath water and exfoliate my damp body with Soap and Glory Flake Away. This stuff smells heavenly and works wonders on your dry skin. I usually pair this with the Soap and Glory  Righteous Butter to leave my skin feeling ever so silky and smooth.

Now, during the colder months you can wear a scarf to keep warm, gloves for your hands, a hat for your lil’ head and coat for your body, but there isn’t anything to protect your face (as far as I know). Your face is sososo important as its the one part of your body that everyone can see… all the time! Thus, it is so important to give your face a lil’ TLC. I love using charcoal face masks and this one is a simple one my mum bought me from Avon. It dries nicely to the skin and leaves your face feeling clean and soft!

Handmasks are also a magical thing (all year round but especially in winter). Some of you may be thinking ‘Ciara, what’s a handmask?’ Well my friends, its much like a facemask… for your hands. I like the  Lush Golden Handshake one; ohhh it is marvellous! You simply place it into a bowl and add enough boiling water to completely cover the product, stir it around occasionally and leave to thicken and cool. I find that this makes a lot of cream and honestly a little bit goes a long way so I usually pop it into a food bag and chuck it in the fridge until I need it again (which is frequently during the colder evenings). Both me and mum get really bad dry hands, her more so than me (they crack and bleed!), so I offered her some of this and she was absolutely gobsmacked at the  difference it made for her skin.

Finally, once all the heavy work is done, I like to climb into some cosy pj’s, pop the kettle on, make a cuppa and chill out with a good movie (usually a Christmas one as its so fitting for this time of the year). My personal faves are Grounded and Elf.

What do you do to relax during winter? What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Until next time…


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