Lush Bath Bomb Haul

Hello Everybody!

Sunday is upon us once again and my oh my, I have had a busssy weekend! This weekend I celebrated my 18th birthday… and I mean it, I partied hard. The problem with partying all weekend, though, is that it leaves very little time to think of what you want to post on your blog come Sunday evening! I was quite stuck in the mud when suddenly I had the not-so-original-yet-completely-acceptable idea to do a lush haul as I was kindly gifted some products from my friends and family! First up, we have the Luxury Lush Pud. This product is one of my Christmas staples! I honestly don’t feel like December is complete without spending an evening relaxing in the tub with this gorgeously scented bomb.

Next on the list is the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. I’ve never actually tried this one before, but I love testing different products from Lush so I’m ever so excited to give this a whiz!

I was soso excited when I unpackaged this next one because, c’mon, it looks pretty frickin’ amazing. This is the Northern Lights bath bomb and I’m fairly certain it’s new out for the festive season (however I could be wrong on that- sorry!). Once again, I have never used this particular product before, but if it is as good as it smells then I know I won’t be disappointed.

The last bath bomb I received was the infamous Intergalactic bath bomb. Anyone who has ever purchased anything from Lush has probably used this bath bomb in their lifetime… and why wouldn’t you? Intergalactic literally turns your bath water into the night sky and transports you into a world of glitter and joy!

The very last thing I’ll be showing you is the Golden Handshake hot hand mask. This is a must-have for me in the winter months! Due to the colder weather and the crispness of the air, my hands tend to dry up and crack really easily (the same goes for my lips- curse you, cold weather!) so this is literally a lifesaver! You simply fill a bowl of warm water and stir this around until your able to coat it over your hands like a face mask. This is honestly so moisturising and it’s also loads of fun!

Have you ever used a Lush product? What’s your favourite thing to buy?

Until next time…


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