Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Hello Everybody!

Today I’ll be doing a review on the ever so popular ‘Rimmel London Kate Moss’ lipstick. This is my first review on a makeup product… and I have no idea what I’m doing. But in the true spirit of being a blogger, I shall give it my best shot. I’ve done book reviews before, but there’s so much more to talk about when you’re reviewing a book… right?My birthday is fast approaching (five days to go and I’m soso excited) and I have been given an early birthday present from one of the lovely girls I work with.

Among the pressies were Rimmel London gel nail polishes, Max Factor mascara (the exact one I use for my bottom lashes and had just ran out of- how did she know?), some adorable little bobby pins, Beyoncé Heat perfume (I was very excited about this as I never buy my own perfume and end up stealing my mother’s) and, of course, the Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick.

This one I’m reviewing is in the shade ’51 Muse Red’ and ohh my days it is the most beautiful shade of red I have owned… ever! The colour is so rich and lasts the majority of the day and its soso creamy (which is really important for me this time of year as I get really dry lips due to the cold weather). I know no one really buys a lipstick  for its scent, however if how your lipstick smells is important to you, I will say that this one smells amazing (you’re almost tempted to have a lil’ nibble). Finally, can we pleeease talk about this packaging? Its rose gold. I love rose gold. Everyone loves rose gold. Its stunning. Need I say more?

I’m so excited to get a good wear out of this lippy (I think it will look fabulous at Christmas parties and Christmas day) and I know I’ll be receiving lots of compliments on it. Its a win win situation!

What is your favourite band/shade of lipstick? Does anyone have a December birthday?

Until next time…


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